Colloquia, Invited Review Talks, and Panels

  1. “New Views of the Universe” Association of Yale Alumni of Salt Lake City (November 2002)
  2. “Radio-Loud AGN” Paris Conference on Active Galactic Nuclei (July 2002)
  3. “Blazars, Jets, and Einstein’s Dream: A Hot Topic in Modern Astronomy for the Non-Technical” Yale University (May 2002)
  4. “AGN, Host Galaxies, and Black Holes” California Institute of Technology (May 2002)
  5. “Active Galaxies and the Black Hole -Galaxy Connection” University of Massachusetts (May 2002)
  6. “The IUPAP Conference on Women in Physics,” American Physical Society (April 2002)
  7. “The Persistent Dearth of Women in the Physical Sciences” American Physical Society (April 2002)
  8. “The Culture of Physics – Can There be Space for Women?” Yale University Women’s Center (April 2002)
  9. “The Black Hole-Galaxy Connection” Wesleyan University (April 2002)
  10. “IUPAP Chair’s Report” American Physical Society (March 2002)
  11. “The Black Hole -Galaxy Connection” University of California at Los Angeles (February 2002)
  12. “Black Holes and Galaxies,” Yale University, Society of Physics Students (February 2002)
  13. “Jets, Black Holes, and the AGN-Galaxy Connection”“Galaxies: Mind over Matter” Vera Rubin Symposium (January 2002)
  14. “Gender and Science” Yale University (December 2001)
  15. “Black Holes, Jets, and Einstein’s Dream” Yale University (December 2001)
  16. “Blazar Jets and Special Relativity” Yale University (October 2001)
  17. “Blazars, Jets, and Einstein’s Dream” University of Connecticut (July 2001)
  18. “Extragalactic Sources of High Energy Photons” American Physical Society (April 2001)
  19. “The Physics of X-Ray Jets” Case Western Reserve University (April 2001)
  20. “Blazars, Jets, and Einstein’s Dream” Public Lecture, Cleveland Museum of Natural History (April 2001)
  21. “High Energy Radiation from Blazars” Gamma-Ray Astrophysics 2001 meeting (April 2001)
  22. “The Physics of X-Ray Jets” Rutgers University (February 2001)
  23. “X-Ray Jets: A New Discovery from Chandra” Yale University (February 2001)
  24. “The Physics of X-Ray Jets” Columbia University (January 2001)
  25. “The Physics of X-Ray Jets” Ohio State University (January 2001)
  26. “The Physics of X-Ray Jets” Center for Astrophysical Sciences Seminar Johns Hopkins University (October 2000)
  27. “The Physics of X-Ray Jets” University of Maryland (October 2000)
  28. “Key Observations for the Future in Multiwavelength Astrophysics”Closing Panel member (June 2000)
  29. “Blazars, Jets, and the Black Hole-Galaxy Connection” Institute for Theoretical Physics Colloquium, University of California Santa Barbara (May 2000)
  30. “Blazars and the Black Hole-Galaxy Connection” Astronomy Seminar Brera Observatory of Milan, (March 2000)
  31. “Blazars, Jets and the Black Hole-Galaxy Connection” Physics Colloquium Yale University, (February 2000)
  32. “Blazars, Jets and Black Holes in AGN” AAAS Annual Meeting and Science Innovation Exposition (February 2000)
  33. “Blazars, Jets and the Black Hole-Galaxy Connection” AAS Special Session on Blazar Variability, Atlanta (January 2000)