Colloquia, Invited Review Talks, and Panels

  1. “Blazars, Jets, and the Black Hole -Galaxy Connection” Physics and Astronomy Tufts University, Colloquium (October 1999)
  2. “The Birth and Death of Galaxies, Stars and Planets” The Wright Lectures on Cosmic Evolution, Boston Museum of Science, with Andrea Dupree (October 1999)
  3. “Blazars” 10th Annual October Maryland Astrophysics Conference: Cosmic Explosions! (October 1999)
  4. “Blazars, Jets, and the Black Hole Galaxy Connection” Physics Colloquium University of Pennsylvania, (September 1999)
  5. “Jets in Active Galactic Nuclei” High Energy Astrophysics Division Meeting of the American Astronomical Society, Charleston SC (April 1999)
  6. “Blazars” Physics & Astronomy Colloquium Johns Hopkins University, (March 1999)
  7. “Blazars” Astronomy Colloquium University of California at Berkeley, (January 1999)
  8. “Blazars and Their Host Galaxies” Astrophysics Colloquium Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (January 1999)
  9. “Multiwavelength Spectra of Blazars” Workshop on TeV Astrophysics, Boston (October 1998)
  10. “The Host Galaxies of AGN” Center for Astrophysical Sciences Seminar Johns Hopkins University (October 1998)
  11. “The Host Galaxies of AGN” Physics Colloquium North Carolina State University (September 1998)
  12. “BL Lac Objects and Blazars: Past, Present, and Future” BL Lac Phenomenon, Turku (June 1998)
  13. “AGN Host Galaxies” Landessternwarte Heidelberg (June 1998)
  14. “AGN Host Galaxies” Astrophysics Seminar International School for Advanced Studies, Trieste (May 1998)
  15. “AGN Host Galaxies” Colloquium Brera Observatory, Merate, Italy (May 1998)
  16. “The Host Galaxies of BL Lac Objects” Astronomy Colloquium Columbia University (March 1998)
  17. “Highlights from the Hubble Space Telescope” (Public Lecture) and “Blazars, Jets, and Black Holes” (Seminar), Washington College (February 1998)
  18. “The Host Galaxies of BL Lac Objects,” Astronomy Colloquium University of Colorado (February 1998)
  19. “Blazars - A Window on Supermassive Black Holes” Astronomy Colloquium Pennsylvania State University (December 1997)
  20. “An HST Survey of BL Lac Objects: Host Galaxies and Environments”8th Marcel Grossman Meeting, Jerusalem (June 1997)
  21. “Unification of Blazars and Radio Galaxies”Workshop on Relativistic Jets in AGNs, Cracow (May 1997)
  22. “Highlights from the Hubble Space Telescope”Annual Hypatia Society Dinner, College of Notre Dame (May 1997)