Invited Talks and Papers on Women and Minorities in Science

  1. “Equity and Inclusion in STEM” Dark Energy Survey Plenary Talk (May 2020)
  2. “Making Astronomy More Inclusive” American Institute of Physics Assembly (March 2020)
  3. “Equity and Inclusion in Physics and Beyond” Physics Colloquium, University of Chicago (February 2020)
  4. “Women in Physics” Welcome Address, Yale Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics (January 2020)
  5. “What I Love (and Don’t) About Physics” Invited Opening Talk, Indian Physics Association National Conference Towards Gender Equity in Physics, Hyderabad, India (September 2019)
  6. “Women in STEMM” Panel discussion, Yale Alumni Association (September 2019)
  7. “Beyond Awareness: What Actions Can Be Taken to Improve Diversity in STEM?” Presentation and panel moderator, Annual CLEO meeting, San Jose (May 2019)
  8. “How to Succeed in Science: Talking about AWIS at Yale” Inaugural meeting of Yale AWIS Chapter (April 2019)
  9. “My Road to Black Holes” Plenary talk, Conference for Undergraduate Women in Physics, William & Mary (January 2019)
  10. “Black Holes and Women in Science” Yale Women Boston (October 2018)
  11. “Equity and Inclusion in STEM: Where we are, why & how to get to parity” Invited talk, NASA Advisory Council (October 2018)
  12. “Equity and Inclusion in STEM: What, Why, How” Rorschach Memorial Lecture, Rice University (October 2018)
  13. “Women in STEM” Keynote address, Maria Mitchell Observatory’s Celebration of Maria Mitchell’s 200th birthday (October 2018)
  14. “Black Holes, Astrophysics, and How to Get to Equity in STEM” Keynote Lecture, Science and Gender Equality Symposium, Hamburg, Germany (March 2018)
  15. “Imposter Syndrome: How to succeed as an Outsider” Yale University Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity Graduate Student Workshop (February 2018)
  16. “Sexual Harassment: What It Means and What We Can Do About It” Invited Talk, American Association for the Advancement of Science Annual Meeting (February 2018)