AAS Presidential Columns

  1. A Day in the Life of a Disabled Astronomer (July 2016)
  2. An Update on Bias in Proposal Reviews (April 2016)
  3. President’s Column: Combatting Bias in the Trenches (April 2016)
  4. President’s Column: AAS Ethics Task Force (March 2016)
  5. President’s Column: Council Actions at the 227th AAS Meeting (January 2016)
  6. President’s Column: What’s the Matter with Astronomy? (January 2016)
  7. President’s Column: Rethinking the Role of the GRE (December 2015)
  8. Presidential Statement on the Attacks in Paris (November 2015)
  9. President’s Column: Appointment of an Early-Career Advisory Board (October 2015)
  10. President’s Column: A Letter to AAS Members on Sexual Harassment (October 2015)
  11. AAS Statement on Sexual Harassment by Faculty (October 2015)
  12. How to End Sexual Harassment in Astronomy (October 2015)
  13. A Response to Community Concerns About Our Professional Climate (May 2015)
  14. President’s Column: Volunteer to Serve the Astronomical Community (April 2015)
  15. AAS & AGU Issue Joint Letter to Governor of Indiana (April 2015)
  16. AAS Statement on the President’s Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Request (March 2015)
  17. Keynote presentation, The State of the Universe Congressional Briefing (with American Women in Science, hosted by the House Committee on Science, Technology and Space, February 2015)
  18. President’s Column: A Gem of a Meeting in the Emerald City (January 2015)
  19. AAS Issues Statement on “Shirtgate”/”Shirtstorm” (November 2014)
  20. President’s Column: Astronomers in the Academy and Industry (August 2014)