Abstracts 2015

Abstracts and Contributed Papers

  1. “SMARTS Enhanced Optical & Infrared Activity in Blazar OJ 287” E. MacPherson, J. Isler, C. M. Urry, P. Coppi, C. Bailyn, T. Dincer, ATel #8382 (2015)
  2. “SMARTS O/IR follow-up observations of blazar PMN J2052-5533” J. Isler, E. MacPherson, C. M. Urry, P. Coppi. ATel #8282 (2015)
  3. “SMARTS O/IR Photometry of Recently Flaring Blazar 3C 454.3” E. MacPherson, I. Hasan, C. Bailyn, C. M. Urry, J. Isler. ATel #7981 (2015)
  4.  “Probing Early Galaxy Growth and Dusty Star-Forming Systems Across Diverse Environments in the 28 deg2 Herschel/Stripe82/HETDEX Field” R. Larson and 12 other co-authors including C. M. Urry. IAU General Assembly, Meeting #29, #2258346 (2015)
  5.  “The AGN Population and the Cosmic X-ray Background” E. Treister, C. M. Urry, K. Schawinski. IAU General Assembly, Meeting #29, #2254320
  6.  “The High-Redshift, High-Luminosity AGN Revealed by the Wide Area Stripe 82X Survey” S. LaMassa, C. M. Urry, and 7 other co-authors. IAU General Assembly, Meeting #29, #2232993 (2015)
  7.  “SMARTS Reports O/IR Flare of Blazar PKS 0502+049” E. MacPherson, I. Hasan, M. Buxton, C. Bailyn, P. Coppi, C. M. Urry, J. Isler. ATel #7279 (2015)
  8.  “NuSTAR Detection of Multiple Reflections in NGC 1068” F. Bauer and 25 co-authors including C. M. Urry. AAS Mtg. 225, #432.10 (2015)
  9.  “Probing the Non-local MBH-sigma Relation: Spectroscopy of Narrow-Line Seyfert 1s” K. Hiner and 6 co-authors including C. M. Urry. AAS Mtg. 225, #432.09 (2015)
  10.  “New constraints on the 2-10 keV X-ray luminosity function from the Chandra COSMOS Legacy Survey” S. Marchesi, F. Civano, M. Elvis, C. M. Urry, A. Comastri, Chandra Cosmos Legacy Team. AAS Mtg. 225, #422.01 (2015)
  11.  “A systematic search for z5 active galactic nuclei in the Chandra Deep Field South” A. Weigel and 6 co-authors including C. M. Urry. AAS Mtg. 225, #347.10 (2015)
  12.  “SpIES: The Spitzer IRAC Equatorial Survey” J. Timlin and 13 co-authors including C. M. Urry. AAS Mtg. 225, #336.18 (2015)
  13.  “Star formation, quenching, black hole feedback and the fate of gas reservoirs” K. Schawinski, I. Wong, C. M. Urry, K. Willett, B. Simmons, Galaxy Zoo Team. AAS Mtg. 225, 324.05, (2015)
  14.  “Discovery of the First Changing-Look Quasar” S. Lamassa and 8 co-authors including C. M. Urry. AAS Mtg. 225, 204.01, (2015)