Abstracts 2000

Abstracts and Contributed Papers

  1. “Blazar Demographics” G. Fossati and C. M. Urry, BAAS/HEAD Meeting 32, #05, 12 (2000)
  2. “Chandra Detection of the Synchrotron Optical Jet of 3C371” J. E. Pesce, R. M. Sambruna, C. M. Urry and R. Scarpa, BAAS/Head Meeting 32, #03, 02 (2000)
  3. “BeppoSAX Observations of Markarian 501 in June 1999”E. Pian, L. Chiappetti, P. Giommi, F. Tavecchio, L. Maraschi, E. Palazzi, F. Aharonian, M. Catanese, A. Celotti, B. Degrange, A. Djannati-Atai, G. Fossati, G. Ghisellini, H. Krawczynski, C. Raiteri, R. Sambruna, D. Smith, G. Tagliaferri, G. Tosti, A. Treves, C. M. Urry and M. Villata, in X-ray Astronomy ’99: Stellar Endpoints, AGNs, and the Diffuse X-ray Background ed. N. White, G. Malaguti, and G. Palumbo, p. 866 (2000)
  4. “Blazar Demographics and Physics” C. M. Urry and P. Padovani, PASP, 112, 1516-1518 (2000)
  5. “Evolution of the HST Proposal Selection Process” C. M. Urry, B. Blacker, G. Miller, L. Stanghellini, P. Stanley, and R. van der Marel, in Proc. SPIE (Munich, March 2000)
  6. “Multi-wavelength Time Allocation, the Wave of the Future”B. Blacker, D. Macchetto, C. M. Urryand B. Wilkes, 1999, in Proc. SPIE (Munich, March 2000)
  7. “The Status of Women in Astronomy”C. M. Urry 2000. Status, June 2000 issue, P. 6 (2000)
  8. “The Demographics of Women in Astronomy”C. M. Urry, K. Marvel, and B. Blacker, BAAS Meeting 31, #121, 01 (2000)
  9. “Blazars, Jets, and the Black Hole – Galaxy Connection” C. M. Urry, BAAS Meeting 31 #89, 03 (2000)
  10. “The Optical Properties of the Host Galaxies of FR I and FR II Radio Sources”R. Scarpa and C. M. Urry, BAAS Meeting 31, #65,06 (2000)