Abstracts and Contributed Papers


  1. “AGN flickering on 10-100 kyr timescales” L. Sartori et al. (8 co-authors, including C. M. Urry), Active Galactic Nuclei: What’s in a Name? (Garching Conference), in press (2016)
  2. “The Wide-Area X-ray Survey in the Legacy Stripe 82 Field” S. LaMassa, C. M. Urry, N. Cappelluti, A. Comastri, E. Glikman, G. Richards, H. Böhringer, XMM-Newton: The Next Decade conference (2016)
  3. “Photometric Redshifts for the Large-Area Stripe 82X Multiwavelength Survey” T. Ananna, M. Salvato, C. M. Urry, S. LaMassa, AAS Mtg 228, #400.09 (2016)
  4. “Studying the Role of Mergers in Black Hole - Galaxy Co-evolution via a Morphological Analysis of Redshift 1 Galaxies” M. Powell and C. M. Urry, AAS Mtg 228, #400.04 (2016)
  5. “Using the Long-term Optical/Infrared Color Variability to Trace the Gamma-ray Jet ‘State’” J. Isler, C. M. Urry, C. Bailyn, P. Coppi, I. Hasan, E. MacPherson, M. Buxton, AAS HEAD Mtg 15, #401.04 (2016)
  6. “NuSTAR Observations of Reddened Quasars” S. LaMassa, C. M. Urry, and 18 other co-authors, AAS HEAD Mtg 15, #106.18 (2016)
  7. “Continued Brightening of PKS B1035-281 in the Optical/Infrared Bands” J. Isler, E. MacPherson, C. M. Urry, P. Coppi, C. Bailyn, ATel #8780 (2016)
  8. “SMARTS Optical & Infrared Monitoring of Blazar OJ 287” E. MacPherson, J. Isler, C. M. Urry, P. Coppi, C. Bailyn” ATel #8777 (2016)
  9. “The Stripe 82X Multiwavelength Survey of Supermassive Black Hole Growth in Powerful AGN” C. M. Urry and 25 other co-authors, AAS Mtg 227, #349.09 (2016)
  10. “SpIES: The Spitzer IRAC Equatorial Survey” J. Timlin and 14 other co-authors including C. M. Urry, AAS Mtg 227, #349.05 (2016)
  11. “A Continuum Framework of the Long-Term Optical/Near-Infrared Color Variability of Blazars” J. Isler, C. M. Urry, C. Bailyn, P. Coppi, I. Hasan, E. MacPherson, M. Buxton, AAS Mtg 227, #318.02 (2016)
  12. “Blazar Demographics Using Multiwavelength Data” P. Mao, F. Massaro, C. M. Urry, AAS Mtg 227, #243.41 (2016)
  13. “Using R-W1 to Find Obscured Black Hole Growth” S. LaMassa and 6 other co-authors including C. M. Urry, AAS Mtg 227, #204.08 (2016)
  14. “Photometric redshifts of 5000 Xray selected Stripe 82 sources” T. T. Ananna, M. Salvato, C. M. Urry, S. LaMassa, AAS Mtg 227, #204.04 (2016)
  15. “The Chandra COSMOS Legacy Survey” F. Civano, S. Marchesi, M. Elvis, C. M. Urry, A. Comastri, H. Suh, AAS Mtg 227, #204.03 (2016)
  16. “The Observed Evolution of the Black-Hole-Host Mass Relation to z~3.5” B. Trakhtenbrot, C. M. Urry, and 8 other co-authors, AAS Mtg 227, #104.02 (2016)