Talks: Women in Science 2005-2010

Invited Talks and Papers on Women and Minorities in Science 

  1.  “Women in Science” 3rd Annual Yale Women’s Leadership Initiative Conference (November 2010)
  2.  “Women in Science – Why So Few?” Women in Math and Science, Ohio State University (November 2010)
  3.  “Women in Space Science” Keynote address, Adler Planetarium, Chicago (May 2010)
  4.  “Women in Science – Why So Few?” WISELI/WOWSA Invited Speaker, University of Wisconsin (May 2010)
  5.  “Women in Science – Why So Few?” American Association of University Women, Guilford CT (January 2010)
  6.  “Women in Science – Why So Few?” Yale University Women’s Organization (December 2009)
  7.  “Women in Science – Why So Few?” Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University (September 2009)
  8.  “Women in (European) Astronomy” Invited talk, Joint European National Astronomy Meeting, Vienna (September 2009)
  9.  “Women in Science” Westover Academy Centennial (April 2009)
  10.  “Falling Into a Black Hole” Women and Science Distinguished Speaker Series University of North Carolina, (March 2009)
  11.  “Women in Physics - Why So Few?” National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory, Michigan State University (March 2009)
  12.  “Why I’m Talking to You at NSAWS: What I learned over 30 years as a woman in science” National Symposium on the Advancement of Women in Science, Harvard University (February 2009)
  13.  “Women in Physics: Why Aren’t There More of Us?” National Keynote address, Regional Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics (January 2009)
  14.  “In Praise of Daycare” STATUS, January 2009 issue, p. 8 (2009)
  15.  “A Report from the Gender Equity Conference for Physics” AAPT/APS Physics Department Chairs’ Conference (June 2008)
  16.  “Closing the Gender Gap” Brookhaven RHIC/AGS User’s Meeting Forum on Women in Physics (May 2008)
  17.  “Keeping Women in Physics” American Physical Society (April 2008)
  18.  “In Search of Supermassive Black Holes” Keynote address, 3rd Nordic Women in Physics Workshop, Copenhagen (August 2007)
  19.  “Affecting the Climate for Women in Physics: The CSWP Site Visit Program” STATUS, June 2007 issue, p. 13 (2007)
  20.  “A Supermassive Black Hole at the Heart of Every Galaxy” Distinguished Speaker Series University of Maryland Baltimore County ADVANCE (September 2006)
  21.  “Why So Few Women in Science?” American Women in Science Meeting, Washington DC (April 2006)
  22.  “Hidden Black Holes — and Where are the Rest of ‘Me’?” Goddard Space Flight Center (January 2006)
  23.  “The Sky’s Not the Limit: Women in Astronomy” Radcliffe Institute, Harvard University (November 2005)
  24.  “Why So Few Women in Science? The Myth of ‘Innate Differences’” Cornell University (October 2005)
  25.  “Women in Science: Speeding up the Long, Slow Path to Change” Haverford College (October 2005)
  26.  “Photons Have No Gender: A Woman’s View of Physics” Invited talk, Gendered Innovations in Science and Engineering, Stanford University (April 2005), written version in Gendered Innovations in Science and Engineering, ed. L. Schiebinger (Stanford University Press), p. 150 (2005)
  27.  “Women in Science” National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Socorro, NM (May 2005)
  28.  “Women in Science” University of Minnesota (April 2005)
  29.  “Discussion of Women in Science” National Public Radio Science Friday (January 28, 2005)